Vorträge zur Umweltsituation in China

Ich möchte unten auf drei Vorträge von Prof. Zhou Ke, einem renommierten Umweltrechtsprofessor der Renmin-Universität Beijing hinweisen – er ist auch ein Freund von mir.

 Es gibt auch einige Meetings, darunter am Freitag den 15.4. von 17:00 h bis 18:45 h ein offen zugängliches Meeting der China Study Group mit Prof Zhou , bei dem ein Meinungsaustausch zur Entwicklung der Umweltsituation und Umweltpolitik in China erfolgt (in Englisch). Ort: Stiegl Ambulanz, Campus Uni Wien, Altes AKH
Die Veranstaltung im Parlament ist für StudentInnen gratis; TeilnehmerInnen aus dem sonstigen akademischen Bereich werden um eine Spende fürs Buffet ersucht.
Prof. Zhou Ke, a renowned professor for environmental law from Renmin University Beijing will give three lectures in Austria:
„THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHINA’S ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL SYSTEM – LATE ON A BUMPY ROAD – China On A Long March To A Green Economy“ (????????? – ??????? ) (in English)
April 14th 10:30 h: Lecture at JKU Linz, Altenbergerstrasse 69, Juridikum, 2. Stock, Seminarraum 203
April 14th 18:30 h: Lecture at the Austrian Parliament hosted by the Austrian Chinese Business Association (ACBA), Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring 3, 1017
The comprehensive development of China’s environmental law started relatively late and its implementation is challenged enormously by the rapid catch-up economic development: latest most pressing topics of environmental policy and legislation in China are air quality and smog, the follow-up of the Tianjin accident, food safety, new necessities for mobility regulation, climate policy, options for circular economy, safety in nuclear energy after Fukushima?Most important are institutional reforms to accomplish effective enforcement. The conditions therefore can be improved by the new economic strategy of structural reforms and upgrading.
(in Chinese; English print-out, discussion partly translated)

April 15th 13:00 h: Lecture at the Department of East Asia Studies at the University of Vienna, and discussion in the seminar for PhD-students. Altes AKH 1090, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 2, Eingang 2.3. SIN 2

The transformation to an „ecological civilization“ for China is extremely difficult but necessary and has been put on the agenda. Former historic transformations have to be analysed, and required essential conditions have to be identified. E. g. also Marx described the problem but the solution is open. However, economy is one field, the transformation has to go on in various fields, culture is very important, cultural diversity and its handling is a fundamental issue. Socialist deliberative democracy can be one instrument to redefine actual environmental priorities. Innovative approaches in management and new economic mechanisms, legal implementation and enforcement are mandatory. The huge challenges need intensified international cooperation.
Interested people are welcome
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